Construction Industry Resource Centre

Date Event Photo Gallery Presentation Materials
13 Dec 2014 Quality Public Housing Construction and Maintenance Awards exhibition Link  
28 Nov 2014 Jobsnet bus shelter advertising Link  
18 Oct 2014 Sub-contractor Cooperative Training Scheme Recruitment Day Link  
19 Sep 2014 Siemens safety day Link  
7 Sep 2014 Seminar on construction plant lifting safety    
22 Aug 2014 Introduction Seminar on New Engineering Contract Management for E&M works Link  
12 Jul 2014 Gammon Construction Recruitment Day Link  
23 Jun 2014 New Engineering Contract Seminar Link  
17 Jun 2014 Technical Seminar: Project Overview and Technical Challenges of Tuen Mun-Chep Lap Kok Link Link  
13 May 2014 Seminar for Design of Vertical Drain Assisted Preloading Link  
9 May 2014 Technical Seminar on Smart Energy Management in Hong Kong Link  
25 Apr 2014 Safety seminar: CIC Guidelines on Safety of Lift Shaft Works Link  
11 Apr 2014 Construction Industry Resource Centre’s Participation in CIC Open Day Link  
8 Mar 2014 Gammon Construction Recruitment Day Link  
28 Feb 2014 World skill workshop Link  
21 Feb 2014 Briefing Sessions on “Construction Workers Registration System” Link  
16 Feb 2014 Sub-contractor Cooperative Training Scheme Recruitment Day Link  
15 Feb 2014 Gammon Construction Recruitment Day Link  
25 Jan 2014 Other Learning Experience(OLE)- Building Your Career Path Link  
20 Dec 2013 Safety Seminar: Integrated Safety and Environmental Management System in Container Terminal 3 Link  
12 Dec 2013 Technical Seminar: Use of Reduced Voltage Hand Tools in Construction Site Link  
7 Dec 2013 Recruitment Day for SCL Project Link  
23 Nov 2013 Gammon Construction - Recruitment Day Link  
19 Oct 2013 Recruitment Day for Plumbing Contractors Cooperative Training Scheme Link  
11 Oct 2013 HKIE Seminar of Civil Division Summer Camp 2013 Link  
17 Sep 2013 Gammon on job training recruitment fair Link  
8 Sep 2013 Chun Wo Recruitment Day Link  
30 Aug 2013 Seminar on management of construction site safety Link  
3 Aug 2013 Resource Centre Construction Summer Workshop Link  
6 Jul 2013 Recruitment Day for Contractor Cooperative Training Scheme (Electrical and Mechanical Trades) Link  
28 Jun 2013 Seminar on Falsework Collapse-Case Studies & Analysis Link  
21 Jun 2013 Seminar Series for Employers of the Construction Industry - Part 1 Link  
25 May 2013 Gammon Construction - Recruitment Day for Welder Link  
13 May 2013 Seminar on Electrical Safety of Construction Work Sites in HK Link  
9 May 2013 Seminar on Regional Cooperation Series – System Coordination of XRL with Mainland Link  
7 May 2013 Seminar on Green Initiatives of the Hong Kong International Airport Link  
13 Apr 2013 Sub-contractor Cooperative Training Scheme Recruitment Day Link  
12 Apr 2013 2013 Open Day Link  
16 Mar 2013 Joint Recruitment Day for Shatin to Central Link Project Link  
17 Jan 2013 Seminar of Society of Registered Safety Officer Link  
20 Dec 2012 Briefing Session for Subcontractor Registration Scheme Link  
18 Dec 2012 Technical Seminar on Electrical Works Safety Link  
10 Dec 2012 Seminar on Construction Site Safety Link  
29 Nov 2012 Seminar on "Safety in Tunneling - Work in Compressed Air" Link  
26 Oct 2012 Briefing Session on Installation of GROHE Bathroom and Kitchen Fittings Link  
12-13 Oct 2012 2012 Innovative Plumbing Technology Exhibition Link  
31 Aug 2012 Recruitment Day of Site Assistant Training Program Link  
12 Aug 2012 Job Fair for Tunnel Talents Link  
24 Jul 2012 Seminar on Practical Usage of Water Cooling Towers Link  
15 Jul 2012 Launching of The Construction Workers Recruitment Centre at RC Link  
14 Jul 2012 Seminar on Application and Installation of SKI Stainless Steel Pipes Link  
19 Jun 2012 Consultation Forum on Phrase Two Prohibition Provision of Construction Workers Registration Ordinance Link  
16 Jun 2012 Seminar on Legionnaires Disease in Plumbing System Link  
5 May 2012 Public Forum of “Energizing Kowloon East” Link  
26 Apr 2012 Public Seminar cum Naming Competition Award Presentation of Hong Kong's First Zero Carbon Building Link  
14 Apr 2012 Seminar on the design concept of Construction Industry Resource Centre Link  
17-18 Mar 2012 Job Fair For Tunnel Talents Link  
23 Feb 2012 Construction Industry Resource Centre Cum Construction Link