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CITF Symposia

CITF x BIM Gear-up Symposium (28/29 October 2019)

The participants will get in-depth understanding on BIM applications along the Building Project Lifecycle through real projects showcases, acquire hands-on experience on cutting-edge technologies and receive the latest information of BIM development.

CITF Smart Construction Symposium and Opening Ceremony of CITF Gallery (5 November 2019)

CITF applicants will share with audience cases of adopting new technology, illustrating the automation, industralisation and digitisation of the construction industry.  Join us to know more about the smart construction in Hong Kong! 

CITF Talent Connect Symposium (15 November 2019)

It provides sharing of eyes opening knowledge learnt in the CITF subsidised international conferences, non-local courses and exchange visits as well as practical tips to organize the manpower development related activities under the CITF.

Language: Cantonese

Fee: Free of charge

Please click HERE for registration.  

CITF Symposia

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