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CIC Corporate Governance Framework

The CIC Corporate Governance Framework is built on five cornerstones:

(1) Standard of behaviour states the expectations on staff’s behaviour. Compliance with the CIC Code of Conduct, Prevention of Bribery Ordinance and Code of Conduct for Personnel in the Construction Industry are expected.
(2) Organisational structure and business processes illustrate the functions and operations of CIC with clearly spelled out roles and responsibilities as well as reporting structure.
(3) Risk management and control aims at analysing those factors which may hinder the CIC from achieving the vision and mission. We have internal audit, statutory audit as well as budgeting and financial management to direct the appropriate behaviour. A dedicated risk management mechanism is established to lay down a defined way to assess risks.
(4) Reporting and communications delineates the external and internal reporting requirements to ensure a timely disclosure of information for management decisions and compliance with regulatory requirements.
(5) Corporate citizenship is embedded to demonstrate our commitment to contribute to build a caring society. Three main streams are worked on, namely environment, charitable activities and volunteerism.

The Corporate Governance Report in the Annual Report provides details of the current year initiatives in various aspects of corporate governance.

The Corporate Governance Manual provides details of the CIC governance structure and the corporate governance framework.