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    Vacancies of Instructing Staff     17 / I-001
    2-year contract      
    Bricklaying Supervising Instructor    
    Crane Operation Supervising Instructor Instructor  
    Ground Investigation Supervising Instructor    
    Electric & Mechanics Supervising Instructor    
    Plumbing Supervising Instructor Instructor  
    Timber Formwork Supervising Instructor    
    Bar-bending Instructor    
    Electrical Installation Instructor    
    Metal Scaffolding Instructor    
    Surveying / Levelling Instructor    
    Time-limted contract
    Timber Formwork Supervising Instructor Instructor  
    Surveying / Levelling Supervising Instructor Instructor  
    Bar-bending Instructor    
    Bricklaying Instructor    
    Bricklaying (Built Heritage) (Part-time) Instructor (Part-time)    
    Carpentry And Joinery (Built Heritage) (Part-time) Instructor (Part-time)    
    Concreting Instructor (Full-time / Part-time) Instructor's Assistant  
    Construction Plant Mechanic (Part-time) Instructor (Part-time)    
    Crane Operation Instructor    
    Electrical Installation Instructor    
    Electric & Mechanics Instructor Instructor's Assistant  
    Glazier Instructor    
    Ground Investigation Instructor Instructor's Assistant  
    Load-shifting Machines Instructor    
    Marble-laying Instructor    
    Metal Formwork Instructor    
    Metal Scaffolding Instructor    
    Metal Work Instructor    
    Plant Maintenance Instructor    
    Plumbing Instructor    
    Window Frame Instructor    
  30/01/2017 Lecturer (Building Information Modelling (BIM) Co-ordination)
  17 / PTL – BIM – MC – 009M
  30/01/2017 Senior Officer – Council Services   17 / SO – CS – 008K
  27/01/2017 Assistant Manager – Facilities Management and Administration   17 / AM – FMA(A) – 007U
  26/01/2017 Senior Officer – Corporate Communications   17 / SO – CC – 006K
  23/01/2017 Course Attendant (Part-time)   17 / PTCOA – 005M
  23/01/2017 Lecturer (Building Construction / Civil Engineering)   17 / L(BC/CE) – 004M

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