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Why CIC.

By joining the CIC, you will work with a team of passionate staff who take pride in their contributions to construct Hong Kong a better place to live and work. CIC provides its staff with variety of job functions for serving the construction industry in Hong Kong which offer unique opportunities to broaden your horizons and pursue your career goals.

Vacancies of Non-Teaching Staff

Closing Date
Vacancies Job Reference Number
31.08.2018 Senior Officer – Human Resources (Talent Acquisition) 18 / SO – HR(TA) – 190U
28.08.2018 Assistant Manager – Construction Innovation & Technology Fund (CITF) 18 / AM – CITF – 187H
28.08.2018 Senior Officer - Construction Innovation & Technology Fund (CITF) 18 / SO – CITF – 188H
27.08.2018 Officer – Facilities Management and Administration (Facilities Management) 18 / O – FMA(FM) – 189U
24.08.2018 Manager – Administration 18 / M – A – 184U
24.08.2018 Manager – Estates Office 18 / M – EO – 185U
23.08.2018 Senior Officer – Service Enhancement 18 / SO – SE – 183U
22.08.2018 Assistant – Campus Administration, HKIC 18 / A – CA – 182S
22.08.2018 Officer – Curriculum Development & Quality Assurance 18 / O – CDQA – 181H

Vacancies of Teaching Staff

Vacancies Job Reference Number
Lecturer – Building Information Modelling (BIM) 18 / L – BIM – 186K
General Worker (Carpentry and Joinery) 18/GW-002 (CJ)
General Worker (Concreting) 18/GW-002 (CON)
Instructor (Bricklaying) 18/I-001 (BP)
Instructor (Bamboo Scaffolding) 18/I-001 (BS)
Instructor (Crane Operation) 18/I-001 (CO)
Instructor (Concreting) 18/I-001 (CON)
Instructor (Electric & Mechanics) 18/I-001 (E&M)
Instructor (Electrical Installation) 18/I-001 (EI)
Instructor (Metal Scaffolding) 18/I-001 (MS)
Instructor (Metal Work) 18/I-001 (MW)
Instructor (Plant Maintenance) 18/I-001 (PM)
Instructor (Plumbing) 18/I-001 (PP)
Instructor (Surveying / Levelling) 18/I-001 (SVS)
Instructor (Timber Formwork) 18/I-001 (TF)
Instructor (Crane Operation) 18/I-002 (CO)
Instructor (Concreting) 18/I-002 (CON)
Instructor (Electric & Mechanics) 18/I-002 (E&M)
Instructor (Plumbing) 18/I-002 (PP)
Instructor (Surveying / Levelling) 18/I-002 (SVS)
Instructor (Timber Formwork) 18/I-002 (TF)
Instructor (Welding) 18/I-002 (WDG)
Instructor's Assistant (Plant Maintenance) 18/IA-001 (PM)
Instructor's Assistant (Bar-bending) 18/IA-002 (BAR)
Instructor's Assistant (Crane Operation) 18/IA-002 (CO)
Instructor's Assistant (Surveying / Levelling) 18/IA-002 (SVS)
Supervisor Instructor (Crane Operation) 18/SI-001 (CO)
Supervising Instructor (Electric & Mechanics) 18/SI-001 (E&M)
Supervising Instructor (Electrical Installation) 18/SI-001 (EI)
Supervising Instructor (Ground Investigation) 18/SI-001 (GI)
Supervising Instructor (Plumbing) 18/SI-001 (PP)
Supervising Instructor (Scaffolding (Bamboo & Metal)) 18/SI-001 (SBM)
Supervising Instructor (Welding) 18/SI-001 (WDG)
Supervising Instructor (Crane Operation) 18/SI-002 (CO)
Supervising Instructor (Surveying / Levelling) 18/SI-002 (SVS)
Supervising Instructor (Timber Formwork) 18/SI-002 (TF)