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Guideline for using Course Search function:

  1. Date:
    Please type in the period of the course commencement date you would like to search, e.g. 2012/10/15 to 2012/11/15. If you have no designated starting date,then the search will start with the default date, that is "today". You may use the default date and leave the end date blank so as to search more courses.
  2. Category:
    Please select the course category you need to search. If you do not know the category, please visit the "Training" section in this website before you perform the course search function.
  3. Code:
    If you know the course code, e.g. ZCW, ZBA, you may input the code to the space, otherwise, you may visit the "Training" section in this website or simply leave it blank.
  4. Certificate Name (Keyword):
    You may input the whole course name or just simply the keyword, e.g. Bar Bending & Fixing, or "Bar Bending", "Fixing", etc.
  5. Venue:
    Please select one of the default training venues or please select "Other" and specify the training venue you would like to take the course. Courses are not offered at each training venue.

After you completed the above steps, computer will list out your searching results. If those listed results aren't what you expected, please repeat the above steps and make sure you have type in the correct information.