Nomination and Rules

Nomination procedures

  1. The form should be completed by the proposer and submitted to Construction Industry Council on or before deadline .
  2. Proposer have to obtain prior consent of the nominees before making nominations. Each proposer can only nominate maximum 3 candidates. Self-nomination is not acceptable.

Nomination Criteria

Eligibility of Nominee

  1. The nominee for the Award must be a graduate of CIC (or its former CITA) who has successfully completed a full-time programme and attained a graduation certification accredited by CIC.
  2. Worked in construction industry 5 years and above after graduation.
  3. Still working in construction industry.

Eligibility of Proposer

  • Graduate of CIC; or
  • Current full-time staff member of CIC; or
  • Construction Trade Associations and Employers
  • Construction Worker Unions
  • Construction related institutions

Nomination Method

The form should be completed and submitted to Career Support Services Department of CIC, 38/F, COS Centre, 56 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong Kowloon, Hong Kong or email to alumni@cic.hkon or before 31 March, 2018. For postal applications, date of the stamp chop will be used as the submission date.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All submitted documents will not be returned. Incomplete forms will not be processed.
  2. The winners authorize the Organiser to use the information provided by candidates for promotion, marketing, publicity, display or other purposes without any prior consent of the candidates.
  3. The decision of the judging panel will be final and absolute on all matters about the process or the interpretations of the Rules and Conditions, voting or any other related issues. The decision of the Judging Panel is binding on all applicants.
  4. The award may not be granted if no alumnus is deemed appropriate by the Judging Panel.
  5. The Rule and Conditions are subject to change by the Organiser when necessary. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the Rules and Conditions without prior announcement.