Construction Industry Council nurtured many industry talents throughout the years and quite a number of them have developed their career well in the industry. Thus, CIC is organising the "Outstanding Alumni Award" in order to recognize alumni for their outstanding achievements, services and significant contribution to the construction industry. The award will be organised every two years. The award is also aims to encourage the trainees to gain the experience and learn from the winners. On the other hand, alumni are encouraged to participate in CIC and industry activities in order to play a vital role in continuous development of the construction industry.


Selection Process

The Judging panel members are prominent practitioners in the industry and they will judge based on candidates’ potentials and performances in their professions in the following criteria.


Selection Criteria

  1. Candidates' achievements in designated trades and continuing education in their respective fields (With relevant qualifications of the construction industry)
  2. Candidates’ contributions to the construction industry or awards received (eg, Outstanding Young Persons Selection, Young Lo Pan Award and etc.);
  3. Candidates' support to CIC and its alumni affairs development.